Contemporary crafts are a substantial alternative to mass production. Because where the manual process comes to the fore again, luxury returns to something special and unique.


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<transcy>BACK TO THE ROOTS OF LUXURY</transcy>

Our world is changing, just like our values ​​ do. This change is also reflected in our perception of luxury. What do we mean today when we talk about luxury?

The democratization of luxury, which in past decades has satisfied a steadily growing need for status symbols through increasing mass production, has reached a point that has made us rethink the concept of luxury . A profound change. Luxury as we knew it has lost its importance. In its place we find a new understanding of the things that enrich our lives.

Fewer and fewer people are concerned with adopting an exclusive lifestyle or seeking social recognition through material things. The conscious decision for luxury has become a expression of our personal values ​​ and convictions. Individuality has replaced brand conformity. Sustainability and mindfulness are more important than status.

Luxury is returning to where it began: to the experience of something special.

Elbwood`s noble fountain pens and design objects embody this change in values ​​.


Luxury has been decelerated , it is no longer defined by quickly produced quantities and immediate availability. A new generation of consumers sees the effects of the old, fast concept of luxury on the environment and society with an alert and critical eye .

We love luxury. But we no longer want to accept that unlimited consumption will damage our planet. Mindfulness and focus on the essentials have created a new sense of exclusivity. Showed consumption is no longer considered luxurious in our society.

New luxury has developed a conscience . It is perceived more consciously and is based on intangible goods. On the time , which flows into the production. The longevity of material and workmanship. The sustainability of production. What we perceive as luxury today and in the future is more than the mere product; it encompasses the process as well as the experience.

In a way, New Luxury comes full circle. Because where the manual process comes to the fore again, luxury returns to something special and unique. Back to the experience and the care taken in its manufacture. Back to the interface of craft, art and design .

As a member of the Masters' Council of the German Craft Council , Frank Pressentin is at home at this interface. On his workbench, applied art is created, in which function and aesthetics combine to create an overall experience. The craft forms the basis for a tactile dialogue between material and form . He creates artistic objects that do not require viewing in a museum, but daily use.

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The consumer society in which we grew up showed us one thing above all else: the more we consume, the less it means to us. The concept of luxury is therefore moving more and more away from the tangible aspects of consumption, towards ideal values.

A new society discovers a new minimalism; an aesthetic world in which less is really more. Experiencing and witnessing are more important here than displayed status. The external effect becomes less important and creates space for an intrinsically motivated and deeply personal feeling of luxury and value.

In times of a sustainable lifestyle that wants to keep the environmental impact of our actions as low as possible, purely materialistic consumption is no longer a sign of style. The throwaway society has had its day. And it is high time for it.

Anyone who wants to create luxury today must value durable products and responsible production . Terms such as authenticity and intrinsic value, which in the past often only served as marketing measures, have to be a fulfilled promise in the new luxury. A luxury product is no longer sold through an attitude - it has to become tangible evidence of it. This is exactly what makes it something unique.

The precious fountain pens and design objects from Elbwood do not want to be understood as status symbols. They are not ubiquitous, they are not available in the airport shop or in the stationery store. There is no warehouse in which Elbwood writing instruments are piled up to the ceiling. Their availability is limited by the time and care required to manufacture them. The Elbwood concept is as individual as the people it appeals to. A very personal luxury that combines art and function . Made from materials that are idiosyncratic like the head behind the brand .

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