ELBWOOD stands for handmade fountain pens and ballpoint pens with minimalistIC design. In the atelier-workshop of Frank Pressentin, unique writing instruments are created as one-offs and limited editions.

The artist & designing craftsman manufactures with dedication noble writing instruments and accessories for lovers of writing culture. In handcraft and with an eye for the special detail, he creates extraordinary writing uniques in his Hamburg studio-workshop. From precious metals, from precious woods or from the finest ebonite: Here, lovers of noble pens can have their personal one-of-a-kind piece made to order. The production of such a unique piece currently takes 8-12 weeks.

In addition to the exclusive and naturally expensive one-off production, Frank Pressentin also offers his handmade fountain pens in small series production. Therefore, his beautiful fountain pens are available in a beginner-friendly basic edition. Here, the materials brass, copper, nickel silver and oak play a leading role. The POCKETMASTER pocket fountain pen and its larger siblings, the LONGCAP and SHORTCAP fountain pens, which can be fitted with ink cartridges in addition to the traditional converter, kick off the series.

Of course, he remains true to the high standards of his one-man manufactory:

"Except for the nib, which is made exclusively for me by the renowned JoWo Schreibfeder GmbH, I don't give a handle out of the house!"
"I am pleased that in addition to the wonderfully soft writing 18k gold nib, I can now also offer stainless steel nibs with the ELBWOOD logo. As of fall 2021, the gold nibs are available in 4 colors (yellow gold, rose gold, rhodium plated and bicolor) and 4 line widths (EF, F, M, B) and the stainless steel nibs are available in 3 colors (stainless steel, gold plated and black.) and 3 line widths (EF, F, M). This variety is important for lovers of handwriting and represents an absolutely unique selling point in the scene of one-man writing instrument manufactures. Those who wish can exchange or upgrade the nibs at any time."

In all writing instruments from ELBWOOD - THE HANSEATIC PENMAKER, classic craftsmanship meets minimalistic design. Pure understatement.

"I work - like a sculptor - from the full material and prefer materials with character. I do not use industrial varnishes to preserve the surface. This means: my fountain pens & ballpoint pens will change over time and through use. They will develop a patina all their own. This is the natural path to exceptional beauty."
"The form is the stage for the material."

Even if it seems like an anachronism in our digital age: ELBWOOD consciously focuses on the classic, analog writing instrument. Not as an arbitrary mass product, but as an applied art object.

Frank Pressentin is not concerned with industrial production, quickly and cheaply injected into a mold with plastic overseas. He takes his time and reflects on the deeper value that can be felt when the pen glides across the paper. Which is felt by anyone who picks up one of his fountain pen holders.

"He who writes by hand touches the heart.“
"Who needs keys anyway?"