There were great artists on our stage: Professor Clemens Malich from the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg and Solveigh Rose, first violin of the Philharmonic State Orchestra Hamburg, created a wonderful musical and literary evening.

First there was a champagne reception in the ELBWOOD Writer's Lounge. Many of the exclusively invited guests took the opportunity to test the handcrafted fountain pen F1 made of brass with the noble gold nib (18K / 750). In keeping with the ambience of the evening, the writing instrument was equipped with red wine ink. The soft stroke of the nib and the high-quality workmanship of the unique writing instrument impressed the discerning audience.

Afterwards there was a concert in the neighboring rooms of Geigenbau Schellong & Osann. The rows were completely filled and even the stairs served as additional seating. The special technical highlight here was the freshly finished and still unpainted cello made of flamed maple, one of the most expensive woods in Europe, which was played in front of an audience for the first time that evening. It is a special moment when such a noble instrument sounds in the finest notes after many weeks of work.

Professor Clemens Malich read from his book "ENT WURZELT" and played the cello between the individual passages. He was accompanied by Solveigh Rose on the violin. The audience was enthusiastic about the high musical ability of the two protagonists. The special, intimate atmosphere of the workshop and the extraordinary closeness to the artists made this evening unique for everyone involved.



Music, thoughts, pictures and life stories combine in this book with CD to form a mosaic that can open up new perspectives. The creative power of art makes it possible to experience processes in which we find decisions and actions that were previously unthinkable. This "uprooting" lets us break out. Movement and creativity are the starting points of this journey, art and philosophy are the maps, design, not controlling the goal.

Philosophical considerations by Vilém Flusser, Benjamin Sprick and Clemens Malich, combined with biographical sketches of the composers heard on the CD correspond with paintings by Clara Lotta Dittmer and music by Mendelssohn, Klein and Ullmann up to Weinberg, from cello Solo to string trio and quartet to symphony orchestra. Performers include the Goldberg Trio, the Felix Mendelssohn Youth Orchestra and Clemens Malich.

The book ENT WURZELT and the accompanying CD are self-published and are available directly from the author for a contribution of € 20 towards expenses. Contact: