QUOTES from the interview project "What are they doing there?" by Isabel Bogdan and Maximilian Buddenbohm

"I think the big challenge is to let nature feel. Stabilizing the wood with chemical agents is out of the question for me."

"And then comes the mechanics. The anachronistic turning of the knurled screw ensures immediate deceleration."

"I like old things, there is nothing here with CNC and computer-controlled. This lathe here ... it comes from a hospital in Rotterdam. It is from 1967. This is a German manufacturer. I spoke to them on the phone and they say yes, we delivered to Rotterdam in 1967. "

"Sometimes I work with exotic woods, rare woods. I try to save every piece, but sometimes I don't succeed. Simply because it is a natural product. The industry works differently, of course, they take products, that can be reliably integrated into processes. "

"Writers' Lounge. Everything that defines the idea of ​​a writer is mixed up. Nowadays, of course, no author writes with pens, especially not with expensive ones, but earlier, when smoking was still legitimate if they had a pipe or a cigar in the corner of their mouth, they drank rum and port wine en masse and wrote with fountain pens. And all that, this attitude to life: workshop, enjoyment - writing has something to do with enjoyment, with aesthetics - therefore lounge. "

Photography: Maximilian Buddenbohm

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