Quotes from the wonderful photoblog Hamburgstories by Uta Gleiser:

“The Elbe, this venerable river, was already a symbolic access to the big, wide world for me in childhood. Captains and helmsmen have always written in logbooks. All the real and imagined adventures of merchants, explorers, pirates and dreamers - how about combining the aura of this maritime world with its own materials, designing it aesthetically and of high quality and allowing it to take shape in timeless, functional works of art? ”

"There it is again - the fascination for high-quality products, handcrafted with a fabulous feel and no piece is the same. Frank Pressentin produces high-quality writing instruments in his workshop in the east of Hamburg. Exclusive writing instruments - Made in Hamburg. "

You can find the full blog post as well as many other portraits worth reading and seeing here: www.hamburgstories.de