handgefertigte Edle Füllfederhalter


It takes time to be able to write beautifully. You reflect on the individual words and give them more weight through your own handwriting. A personal handwritten letter on high-quality paper is nowadays something extraordinarily valuable and far superior to any email in its effect.

If you want to give yourself and others something special, use a fountain pen and write with the hand. For these unique moments, Frank Pressentin makes the right writing instruments in his Hamburg studio workshop.

<transcy>Writing culture meets craftsmanship</transcy>

<transcy>Precious, handmade fountain pens from ELBWOOD</transcy>

Their design language is timelessly minimalist and reduced to the essentials. Clear design meets passionate craftsmanship. They are at once a writing instrument, a piece of jewelry and a design object.

"The form is the stage for the material".

The fountain pen models are called POCKETMASTER, LONGCAP & SHORTCAP.

The POCKETMASTER is a compact pocket fountain pen for on-the-go, which reaches its full size by screwing the cap onto the barrel. It impresses with its elegant shape and the exposed triple thread that has been stylized into a trademark. This makes it a classic design fountain pen.

The LONGCAP is a masterful example of strict and straight lines. Reduced to the maximum. The perfect collector's item for the desk at home.

The SHORTCAP with its striking profile shows unusual variance. It appears light and "airy" and impresses with its balanced and minimalist aesthetics. Geometrically clear and at the same time emotional, it cuts a particularly fine figure in the office or even in the negotiation room.

<transcy>The perfect nib size for every taste</transcy>


The two large models can each be equipped with two ink cartridges or, in the style of the classic piston fountain pens, with ink converters. The pocket fountain pen is fitted with one ink cartridge. A sophisticated ink-guiding system ensures reliable writing flow.

The nibs are considered the heart of a fountain pen. They are specially crafted for ELBWOOD by JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH - one of the world's most renowned manufacturers for this rare art.

You can choose between nibs made of solid 18K gold and stainless steel.

The gold nibs are available in the color variants: "yellow gold", "rose gold", "rhodium-plated" (silver-colored) and "bicolor" (logo gold/nib silver). The following line widths are available: EF (extra fine), F (fine), M (medium) and B (wide).

The stainless steel nibs are available in the color variants: "matt black", "stainless steel“, "gold-plated" and „bicolor" (logo gold/nib silver) as well as in the line widths EF (extra fine), F (fine) and M (medium).

All nibs bear the embossed ELBWOOD signet. They guarantee absolute precision of the ink flow, the finest writing behavior and a harmonious style that is reflected in a perfect typeface.

<transcy>The Hamburg brand for fine writing instruments</transcy>

<transcy>Luxury Fountain pens made of exotic wood, fine silver or pure gold</transcy>

An extraordinary variety of materials is available for each of the three models. ELBWOOD offers maximum variability.

The basic editions focus on fountain pens made of brass, nickel silver and copper with fine accents of wood or ebonite. These editions are produced continuously. If they are not in stock, they can be pre-ordered at any time.

The special editions focus on a combination of the above materials and give more space to the materials wood and ebonite. In addition, the precious metal silver is used - pure or as a base material for the fountain pens made of wood or ebonite. These are limited editions. Which - once sold out - are no longer available for the time being. Early reservation is recommended.

Frank Pressentin fulfills even the most unusual material wishes of his customers with his custom made one off pieces. In this consultation-intensive "Bespoke Service" it is possible, among other things, to have a golden pen made. Rare woods, precious metals and noble materials such as mokume gane play a major role in these unique, handmade fountain pens. Exclusive materials for real luxury fountain pens with collector's value, which make the hearts of writing instrument connoisseurs beat faster.

From time to time, unique pieces are created which are then available as a one time opportunity in the online store.