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SHORTCAP fountain pen, special edition made of kingwood & brass, handcrafted


Limited to 10 pieces:

SHORTCAP, noble handmade wooden fountain pen. Kingwood and solid brass. All parts of the fountain pen are made of solid brass. Also the embedded mechanism with the triple-thread, which ensures that the cap can be put on with a tight fit with just one turn. The combination of always lukewarm wood and classically modern brass results in an extraordinary haptic experience.

Elegant and noble - with a special eye-catcher. The SHORTCAP fountain pen shows what it has. The shorter flap reveals the ribbed grip zone and gives a clear view of the precise, handcrafted design of this high-quality writing instrument. The smooth longitudinal structure of the SHORTCAP is optically loosened up by looking at the vertical handle structure. The 0.5 mm deep furrows are cut into the material using a special knurling cutter and ensure safe spring guidance.

Geometrically clear and at the same time emotional, the SHORTCAP fountain pen looks particularly good in the office or in the negotiation room.

The nibs are considered to be the heart of a fountain pen. The nibs, exclusively embossed with the ELBWOOD logo, are made by JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH - one of the world's most renowned manufacturers of this rare craft.

They are made of 18k/750 gold in the colors "yellow gold", "bicolor", "rhodium-plated", "rosé" and in four stroke widths:

  • Extra Fine (EF)

  • Fine (F)

  • Medium (M)

  • Wide (B)

and stainless steel in the colors: "yellow gold", "bicolour", "stainless steel", "black" and with three line widths:

  • Extra Fine (EF)

  • Fine (F)

  • Medium (M)

The SHORTCAP fountain pen can be filled with the supplied converter as well as with standard ink cartridges.

Length: 14.5cm / diameter: 12.5mm / weight: approx. 53g

The brass will change over time and with use. It tarnishes and develops the patina so popular with connoisseurs. If you don't like this, you can polish it up again at any time. However, this is not a reason for complaint - I consciously choose materials with "stubbornness".

This fountain pen only gets more beautiful with age.

This special edition of the SHORTCAP fountain pen made of wood and brass is limited to 10 pieces. Due to the natural grain of wood, each piece is unique. Once the edition limit has been reached, this combination of materials will no longer be produced.
Production time & Delivery time

Every ELBWOOD writing instrument is handmade by me after ordering. One after the other. My products are not prefabricated and the individual selection requests of the customer (material, type of nib, thickness of nib, nib color, etc.) are decisive for the manufacturing process. For this reason, the writing instruments are excluded from the right of withdrawal .

The production takes 10-20 working days, depending on the order volume.

The delivery time is currently 4 - 6 weeks.

I grant a lifetime guarantee for manufacturing or material-related defects for every writing instrument manufactured in my atelier-workshop.

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