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Mokume Gane is a 300 years old forging technique developed in Japan. It literary means “wooden structure in metal”.

ELBWOOD is the only fountain pen maker in the world having access to solid silver / shibuishi forged to mokume gane. A guarantee for absolutely rare and precious objects.

This unique project is made possible by an exclusive cooperation with the only one existing manufacturer who is able to deliver this delicate material to the high expectations of pen making. Here you can find out more about this outstanding partnership (german article) with SCHICHTWERK.

The heart of this fountain pen is the elegant Nib made from pure gold in 18k / 750. These Nibs are exclusively manufactured for ELBWOOD by the worldwide renowned JoWo Schreibfeder GmbH. There is a choice of 4 colors: yellow gold, rosé gold, rhodium & bicolor. Sizes are available in B, M, F & EF.

Every Pen comes with a handmade leather case with an individual choice of stains.

Made by order. Every piece is individually handcrafted. Estimated delivery time 6 - 8 weeks.

Production time & Delivery time

Every ELBWOOD writing instrument is handmade by me after ordering. One after the other. My products are not prefabricated and the individual selection requests of the customer (material, type of nib, thickness of nib, nib color, etc.) are decisive for the manufacturing process. For this reason, the writing instruments are excluded from the right of withdrawal .

The production takes 10-20 working days, depending on the order volume.

The delivery time is currently 4 - 6 weeks.

I grant a lifetime guarantee for manufacturing or material-related defects for every writing instrument manufactured in my atelier-workshop.



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