“We are experiencing a renaissance of handicrafts and manufacturing: This lets us discover pieces full of character: unique items that are not ubiquitous, but convey a feeling of uniqueness.



For far too long, arts and crafts was a term that was considered outdated. But with the change in values ​​of a new consumer society, many people are rediscovering the handcrafted symbiosis of form and function . The reasons for this can be found in the changed understanding of luxury. Where sustainability and individualization gain more and more importance, the desire for authentic manufacturing processes and durable materials is awakened.

All over the world, a new generation of artisans is setting new standards in contemporary crafts with the creative processing of natural materials such as wood, wool, metal, glass and paper. The use of waste and recycled materials opens up a completely new world of materials.

Every ELBWOOD fountain pen is "art & craft" in the best sense of the word : the combination of design and functionality, sustainable made of natural materials that will give you pleasure for decades.

Frank Pressentin
Schöne handgemachte Schreibgeräte

<transcy>WHY THE WAY BACK IS A WAY FORWARD</transcy>

The decades of the affluent and throwaway society have changed our consumer behavior. We learned one thing in the process: the faster something is available, the less it means to us.

Industrial production can no longer give us the experience of something special , on the contrary: We see it increasingly as an over-saturated consumer culture that causes damage to the environment and society.

The desire for individuality and responsible consumption now runs through all areas of our life. Those who are looking for something special today will find it in sustainable manufacturing that convinces not through mass but through attention to detail.

A return to traditional craftsmanship as a sign of an evolving society. The label “Handmade in Germany” is increasingly becoming the epitome of a new luxury that is characterized by sustainability and durability .

Where past generations have elevated convenience to the maxim of consumption, in a changing world there is the desire for meaning . Today it is the time that flows into handmade production , the care of the process and the high quality of natural materials that we experience as true luxury. Longevity , sustainability and authenticity have started to replace brands and mass-produced items.

The way in which a product is created contributes significantly to its importance in this new consumer world. A society that for a long time only focused on material status is discovering immaterial values ​​.


As you dexplore the ELBWOOD range, you will find that no ELBWOOD fountain pen is exactly alike. Craft leaves its mark. Where the human being is at the center of the process, there are no completely identical products. Handmade in Germany is a term that stands for unique items:

Small irregularities, traces of manufacture and deviations in the material are handmade pieces not to be understood as a flaw. They are deliberately accepted characteristics that make each piece something unique. Visible signs that testify to the individual process of creation and engagement with the material.

In addition, there is the natural aging process of the materials. Over the course of many years, an ELBWOOD fountain pen begins to develop patina . The wood and metal of the writing instrument change their appearance and tell the story of its use.

Perfection in the industrial sense is not the goal of ELBWOOD. Because how perfect an ELBWOOD piece is lies solely in the eyes of its owner.

Sonderedition Füller | Unikat
Frank Pressentin

<transcy>TIME IS THE REAL LUXURY</transcy>

It takes Frank only a few steps to get to work every day: a few meters through the garden lead directly to his workshop. It is here, on the outskirts of Hamburg, that ELBWOODs fine writing tools are created. With analog machinery, a high amount of handwork and with a lot of quiet and great care

Time and again, it can happen that a customer is standing on the lawn. Not infrequently, visitors have come a long way to learn more about the history of their ELBWOOD piece and to experience the manufacturing process in person. Each of them is offered a coffee.

The choice of location, just like the decelerated way of working, arise from a fundamental conviction. They are the consciously chosen contrast to a fast-moving, global efficiency society that feeds a mass market with ever shorter production cycles. A counter-culture of slowness and appreciation, taking time to create something special.

This time is one of the most important components of every ELBWOOD fountain pen. The time it takes to design it. The time it takes for its wood to dry. Time to combine the right materials. And time for a manufacturing process that combines art and craft.