Anyone who deals with beautiful and valuable things knows that the unique is becoming more and more valuable.

My goal is not to make the broad mass market happy. In the future, too, my focus will clearly be on creating exceptional valuables.

The constant refinement of my production methods is an inherent part of my striving for something special. For this purpose, I am currently having another old precision lathe restored according to my specific needs.

I have also ordered a bunch of new 18K gold nibs: From autumn 2022, specialties such as a flex nib and music nib made of 18K gold will become part of  the ELBWOOD-program.

The development of special editions made of solid rose gold and other precious metals is also pending. There will no longer be any upper limits here...

Exciting partnerships with the Papeterie Berlin - directly on Kurfürstendamm and the Zeit-Manufakturenwelt are in the starting blocks. I am currently working on exclusive model variants with both of them, which will be released gradually from May.

All of this takes a lot of courage, time, energy and, last but not least, money. But I'm sure that these measures will lead to a further increase in the value of my writing instruments.

With this early information, I would like to offer my loyal customers, followers and readers the opportunity to benefit from the previous prices until May 1st.

Frank Pressentin, April 15, 2022